Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Can you make a sheet cake or a shaped cake?

A: Yes, we make both. For a shaped cake, fill out the custom order form and we will get back to you within a day or two.

Q: Do you make edible photo transfers?

A: No we do not. But you can get them printed at the grocery store and we can apply it to your cake

Q: How many words can fit on my cake?

A: Most common messages like "happy birthday", "happy anniversary" , and "congratulations" with a name will fit on any size cake we make.  For longer messages or something custom please ask.

Q: Are all of your cakes available as cupcakes?

A: Yes they are.

Q:What size are your cupcakes?

A: We do two sizes: vintage (grandma's size) and minis.

Q: Can I order a variety of assorted cupcakes?

A: To ensure freshness and quality, all of our custom order cupcakes are baked per order and are only available in one flavor per half dozen. However, we always offer a variety of cupcake flavors at our shop (depending on day of week/time of day) - feel free to stop by and create your own assortment. Note: we cannot guarantee every flavor will be available and we highly recommend ordering ahead of time if you need large quantities.



Q: Do you deliver?

A: Not at this time.

Q: What products do you ship?

A: We ship everything but our cakes.  Cakes are available for pick up only.


Q: Can you ship internationally?

A: Not at this time.



Q: Do you make gluten-free products?

A: Yes, all of our products are gluten free.

Q: Do you offer vegan goodies?

A: Yes, most of our products can be made vegan with some substitutions.

Q: Can you handle other dietary restrictions?

A: Yes, at our shop we have made cakes for almost any allergy you can think of.  We price them out based on the restriction. Keep in mind we are only exclusive to gluten free products, in our shop we have nuts and peanuts, dairy and eggs, cornstarch, etc...

Q: Are you organic?

A: We are working towards that at the moment.  We are GMO free, gluten free, and soy free.  We take great pride in our ingredient sourcing but some things (like powdered sugar and baking soda/powder) are very hard to get organically.

Q: Are you a Kosher bakery?

A: No we are not.

Q: Can I freeze your bread?

A: Yes, we do all the time.  When you're hungry for it put bread in the oven to reheat and freshen up the crust (if frozen: 15 minutes at 400 degrees.  If thawed previously: 8 minutes at 400 degrees).

Q: Can I freeze your cookies?

A: Yes, not a problem, they taste good either way. Remove from freezer and let come to room temp for 20 minutes, or just eat right from the freezer with the door open in your pajamas.

Q: Do you have gift certificates?

A: Yes, call and we will hook you up.  At some point we will have them available to purchase on our website.


Q: Do you make wedding cakes?

A: Yes, of course, check out our wedding page on this site for more info or give us a call: 303.499.9126 Tues-Sat.

Q: Do you offer wedding favors?

A: We can make most items in mini formats; mini cookies, mini cupcakes, etc…

Q: Do you have cupcake stands?

A: Yes we do and we rent them for 30.00 with a deposit.


Q: Can you donate to or sponsor my event?

A: We'd love to hear about it.  We do donations on a quarterly calendar basis, usually first come first served.